I got the guys a stocking stuffer at Costco: a DVD set of 4 'classic sci-fi movies' for only $9.99: 2001, Forbidden Planet. The Time Machine and Soylent Green. Any collection that pairs 2001 with Soylent Green has such delectable lack of taste I had to buy it. Anyway, I was thinking the other day that my idea of the origin of the coming zombie apocalypse would be for there to be a food-processing contamination in the soylent green plant, which introduces a virus which lives in the wafers. Since *Spoiler Alert* 'Soylent Green is people', the virus would then infect everyone who ate a wafer from that lot. I think it could work, since the movie's already set in an extreme dystopian future.

A side note: IMDB has a listing that they're remaking Soylent Green for release next year, and remaking Forbidden Planet for 2013. Say it isn't so!!! After all, the remake of The Day the Earth Stood Still was such a success. Gort! Neo Annihilate!

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