I admit it, I love good animation. I guess growing up in the Disney haydays with old Loony Tunes on Saturday morning did something to ingrain it into me. The same genetic material got passed down to my sons as well. Recently they got me watching a short anime series called Darker Than Black. This is just a 'thumbs-up' note to recommend it. It's a multi-layered plot, that keeps its secrets close to its chest. Some of the pieces to the puzzle you won't get until the last couple of episodes. It's also nicely packaged: each small story arc spans two episodes, or about 45 minutes of watching time. It's doesn't fall easily into standard Anime genres like Mech, steampunk, supernatural, martial arts, etc. It's closer to superheros, perhaps along the lines of a dark X-men saga. Anyway, I don't want to give away any of the plot, so I'll stop here. Enjoy.

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