I always think of that when I go into a Chick-fil-A and see the old photo taken in the Dwarf House of the Cathy family working there. In the photo are the boys: Dan and Bubba. The caption on the photo says they "greeted and entertained guests". Yeah, right! Then how come they're dressed as bussers and have towels under their belts? They were working bussing tables! And I bet Truett didn't pay them minimum wage!

Trent and Smally conducted studies of why some families are close and some not. Their conclusion was that families that work together against a common outside negative influence were closer. Through most of humanity's existence fathers and sons, mothers and daughters have worked side-by-side againt the common evils of starvation and deprivation. Now we're too sophisticated to allow that, and have minimum wage laws that prevent young men from working beside their fathers in the workplace. This is part of why the family structure has weakened in America. Thus I claim that eliminating the mimimum wage could be pro-family.

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