I just downloaded a whitepaper on Hybrid Cloud Backup Appliances. It reviewed a bunch of boxes and had the Recommended, Excellent and Good products. It listed the Gartner Magic Quadrant of manufacturers as expected. The leader in the Gartner report was Commvault. One of their Recommended products was the 36Tb Commvalut A600. I found it on CDW for about $121,000. That sounded like a lot to me. So over to Frys.com where I found enterprise-grade 6Tb HTST drives for about $380 each. That gives us 36Tb for $2280, or if we mirror the silly things, $4560. A top-end motherboard and RAID controller and case will add no more than $2k. So I'm seeing less than $7,000 in hardware costs for this box that's selling for over $120,000. Help me out here. Where's the other $113,000 going other than some software?

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