Yesterday Marla and I treated ourselves to supper at the local Waffle House. (#1720 to be exact) We were talking with the waitress who had worked the local snowstorm. WH had put its employees up at a local hotel and transported them to work. She was amazed that they turned over about $1,000 per shift. She said a usual shift ran only about $500. I compared this with where one of my sons works: at a Pappa John's near downtown Atlanta. He said that during the snow they just did carry-out one day and did $6,000 worth. Several times a month they'll do gross receipts of over $10,000. I was struck that a good day at Pappa John's is over three times the dollar volume of a good day at Waffle House. Is there any compendium that lists the average gross dollar volume of various franchises like this? I'm sure there must be, but it's probably an expensive paywall-guarded report.

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