Alright, with all the talk about embyonic stem-cell research, I'm going to take a stance on abortion that will get me in trouble with everyone. Here goes:

The two camps in the abortion debate are the pro-life group that says that life begins at the moment of conception and the pro-choice people that say that a person's rights begin at the moment of birth. I'm neither. I say that whatever yardstick we use to measure the end of life should be the same as what we use to measure it's beginning. Medical science would tell us that when a certain type of brainwave stops, a person is clinically dead.  Apparently neither side of the abortion debate has any issue with that. I say that it's only common sense to say that, therefore, when those same types of brain waves begin, the fetus is then a person and has rights.

Now I'm in trouble with everyone, because I'm not saying that live begins either at the moment of conception or personhood at the moment of birth, but somewhere in between. Right. But as far as I can see, my argument makes sense in the "what's good for the goose is good for the gander" way. We need to use the same measure for the start of life as we do for the end.

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